1/10 4WD RC Rock Crawler "Highest Financement" RTR WL104310

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Product Overview

WL Toys 1/10 Scale RTR Crawler

This WL Toys 104310 remote control Rock Crawler RC Truck can go over any terrain and even climb rocks. The lightweight body and high wheel clearance of this Remote control Rock Crawler allows it to drive on uneven surfaces and climb obstacles up to 45 degrees in incline. With its big capacity battery, it offers up to 40 minutes of play time.
Also features a pistol grip digital proportion 2.4GHz remote control offers precise steering and control range up to 80m.

WL Toys 1/10 Scale RTR Crawler
Product size:47.2x26.8x22.7cm
Car battery: .7.4V 1200mAh Li-ion battery
Playing time: About 40 minutes
Charging time: About 120 mimutes
Play distance: more than 50 meters
Function: Forward,Backward,Turn Left & Right
Motor: 280 brush motor
Highest speed:10 KM/H


(No reviews yet) Write a Review