Fast & Furious Dom's '71 Plymouth GTX 2 in 1 1/24 85-4477

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In the 2017 movie “The Fate of The Furious”, Dominic Toretto is not the only hero in the movie, so is his Plymouth GTX. This is a familiar scenario for the Fast & Furious™ movie series. It has become not only Universal’s number 1 franchise, but also the 6th highest grossing series of all time at over 5 billion in sales. The Plymouth GTX first appeared in 1967 as a model of the Satellite and continued until 1971. In 1971 it had 3 engines choices available including the 440 “Six-Pack” pumping out 385 horsepower. It benefitted from a special camshaft, stronger valves and big-port cylinder heads. Sadly only 3,000 GTXs were made in 1971.

Fast & Furious Dom's '71 Plymouth GTX 2 in 1
Scale: 1/24
Ages: 12+
Skill level: 4
Length: 8.375"
Width: 3.250"
Height: 2.1875"
Parts: 87
2 in 1 (makes 1 model)
Choice of 2 different carb set-ups including the “Six-Pack”
Select between 2 different wheel and tyre combinations
Stock and lowered suspension
Molded in white and clear with chrome plated parts and soft black tyres
Wateslide decals
Paint and glue not included


(No reviews yet) Write a Review