1/32 Holden A9X Torana 1977 Bathurst C4262

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This is an Australian limited release model with a production run of 1,500 units.

Holden A9X Torana 1977 Bathurst
Scale: 1/32
Drivers: Peter Brock and Phil Brock
Body: High detail with full length driver (right side)
Lights: Working rear lights
Motor configuration: Inline
Gear Ratio: 9:27 Plastic
Chassis: Rear Mounted
Drive: Rear wheels
Bushes: Nylon
Magnet: Yes, rectangular 1.5mm
Guide: Round plate guide (+ two spare disks)
Digital Plug Ready (DPR): Yes, use C8515
Issued: September 2021


In 1977 Peter Brock sold his racing team to Bill Patterson. It was then renamed Bill Patterson Racing and a three car team was sent to Bathurst.

Brock and brother Phillip, in this car, finished fourth outright, the other two cars were driven by Doug Chivas/Tony Roberts who finished seventh and Englishman Gerry Marshall and South African Basil Van Rooyan did not finish.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review