1956 Chevy Del Ray 2N1 1/25 4504

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The 1956 Chevrolet® was the middle model in what has become collectively known as the “Tri-Fives”. Slightly dressier than the groundbreaking 1955, the ’56 Chevy® came in three models- the top of the line Bel Air®, the mid-line Two-Ten series and the base One-Fifty. With a base price of $1,971, over 56,000 Del Ray™ Club Coupes found their way to new homes in 1956.  The Del Ray™ was part of the Two-Ten series but was given some interior upgrades, including all-vinyl seats with additional foam rubber padding, a lighted glove compartment, two door armrests and carpeting in place of rubber mats. Today the ’56 Del Ray is still a popular model although these days the classic shoebox look is often updated with good looking large diameter wheels wearing low profile rubber.

1956 Chevy Del Ray 2N1
Scale: 1/25
Ages: 13+
Skill level: 5
Length: 20.6cm
Parts: 153
Build either stock or custom model
Includes both stock and modern 20" diameter custom wheels and tyres
Factory stock and modern lowered suspension with 4 wheel disc brakes
Detailed small block engine with stock and custom parts
Molded in white, transparent red and clear with chrome plated parts and soft black tyres
Waterslide decals
Paint and glue not included


(No reviews yet) Write a Review