UBEC-5A-V2-Air HW30607000


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The UBEC uses a high-performance DC voltage regulator with switching module that draws its voltage from 2-8S LiPos. With it the regulator gives out 5A extremely stable or for a short amount of time 15A. Therefore this UBEC provides power for all kinds of RC model devices. It is also suitable for fixed wing aircraft.

Highly efficient DC-DC regulator chip for a transmission efficiency of over 90%.
An all-metal housing design helps conduct heat and reduces electromagnetic interference.
Adjustable UBEC output voltage (5.0V / 6.0V / 7.4V) applicable for servos with different voltages.
Multiple protection functions: overcurrent protection, output short circuit protection, overheating protection, safe and reliable.
LED display to show the status of the UBEC.

Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage: 2-8S LiPo
Output Voltage: 5.0V / 6.0V / 7.4V (adjustable)
Current cont./peak: 5A / 15A
Dimensions: 50x17x10mm
Weight: 21g


(No reviews yet) Write a Review