Valley Drifter Train Set R1270


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Valley Drifter Train Set
OO Gauge

The romance of the railways in the United Kingdom was arguably at its best when hundreds of minor railway lines traversed the countryside. In those days the locomotive drivers would have unscheduled stops along the line picking up or dropping off goods as they meandered from village to village. Consequently, it is not surprising that some of the local inhabitants who relied upon the railway would have called their local train 'Valley Drifter'.

This set includes a Hornby MidiMat and an oval of track which can be enlarged to a simple but effective layout with the addition of Hornby Track and Accessory Packs.

Item Scale: 1:76 Scale 00 Gauge
Finish: Painted
Colour: Red
Gauge: OO
Operator: BR Black
Designer: HH
Wheel Configuration: 0-4-0T
Livery: Crimson
Minimum Curve (mm): Radius 1
Motor: 3 Pole

0-4-0T Locomotive
Open Wagon
Passenger Coach
Train Controller
Wall Plug
Power Track
Hornby MidiMat


(No reviews yet) Write a Review