ECO 2312C 1150kv Brushless Motor DSXM51649

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Dualsky ECO 2312C 1150kv Brushless Motor

Dualsky ECO series brushless outrunner motors cover the RC power market which is less than 900W. ECO is positioning high quality and low price, which is suitable for the beginner and mid-level pilots of fixed wing aircrafts and multi-rotors. ECO series adopt the new naming rule, name the motor according to the stator diameter and the length of the magnet.

Fashionable packaging design
Based on the system of CA2, highlighting the price performance
Designed for airplane model
Provide rich KV choices and part of the KV is also suitable for multi rotors
Power ranging from the indoor model to the 50E model planes
Choose high quality silicon steel sheet material and ball bearing, working stability
Easy to install in two ways: installation after the fire prevention (the glider) and before fire prevention (aerobatic plane)
The whole aluminum alloy CNC machining and anodized
The marks are laser marked, not affect the dynamic balance
Standard wire length and presoldered plugs
The accessories include propeller mount, gold plugs, mount and screws


(No reviews yet) Write a Review