ECO 2826C 850kv Brushless Motor DSXM51667

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Dualsky ECO 2826C 850kv Brushless Motor

ECO V2 has made great improvements in many respects. It brought new electromagnetic design, more competitive performance and efficiency, long-time endurance and water-proof. This ECO 4130C brushless motor is designed to suit 30E class models.

Motor structure strength increased by 25%
Optimised stress distribution and strength increased but it did not increase the weight.
High strength and high toughness main shaft (HRC48)
The rotor limit adopts 2 insurance modes of circlip and stainless steel chocks
High temperature resistant, high toughness epoxy glue the impact resistance increased about 10G, and the survival ability is greatly improved.
High precision double sides dynamic balancing
Adopt NMB ball bearing, durable and low noise. ECO 41 and bigger, equipped with 3 ball bearings
Optimised heat dissipation ways
Motor working life significantly increased by 50% (same load and working environment)
Modular design: main shaft, case and accessories (propeller mount and motor mount) are all compatible with the upcoming EA series. Besides, the design of propeller mount is completely implanted from GA series.
Up to 500V insulation level. The stator is coated with insulating coating and completely insulated after winding.
Waterproof splash. Rustproof main shaft, coil soak insulation, electrophoresis components and coated magnets make ECO V2 waterproof, and no problem working in wet or rain environment.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review