Sail Arm Servo HS-765HB

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Product Overview

HiTec Sail Arm Servo

The HS-765HB sail arm servo has up to 140 degrees of travel and comes with a Heavy Duty 4.5 inch arm. With its dual ball bearing supported output shaft the HS-765HB will provide years of reliable service for your R/C sailing applications to 2 metres.

Size Category: Specialty
Type: Analog
Application: Sailing
Torque: 153 oz-in (11.0kg-cm) @ 4.8V; 183 oz-in (13.2kg-cm) @ 6V
Speed: 0.28 sec/60 deg @ 4.8V; 0.23 sec/60 deg @ 6V, at no load
Length: 2.32 in (59.0mm)
Width: 1.14 in (29.0mm)
Height: 1.97 in (50.0mm)
Weight: 3.88 oz (110g)
Bushing Or Bearing: Bearing
Bearing: Dual
Motor Type: 3 Pole
Connector Type: Universal
Gear Material: Karbonite
Current Draw Idle: 8mA
Current Draw Stall: 1500mA @ 4.8V; 1800mA @ 6V
Voltage: 4.8V to 6.0V
Deadband: 5µs

*** Warning: Do not use thread lockers on Karbonite geared servo as it will cause the output shaft to fail


(No reviews yet) Write a Review